We had some friends who came down to visit us from Canada, so I did alot of driving all over and we went visiting  in ID and my parents house. It was fun.
We went to dinner over in ID. which is really not far from my parents, at a friend’s house. T. had so much fun as it was safe, there was piles of dirt, trikes to ride and fun things to do. It was so nice! We went back to moms and spent the day visiting. I made tacos with shredded meat  and homemade salsa, they ate with chips. The boys went swimming alot as my parents bought a nice above ground pool to swim in. It is a little chilly, I guess, but the boys enjoyed it.
<p> We then came home and I brought the company with me. It was fun to have a house that everyone could stay in and sleep comfortably. There was lots of space to spread out and we fixed breakfast here. We got a nice break and treat when we all went out to dinner. It was fun! It was loud of course, as there was a very large group, like over 25 people there. But my sister was our waitress and not only is she a very pretty waitress, she is a excellent one too! She had a mess to clean when we were gone, but I think the tip she got made up for it! It is nice to pay the tip to someone you know, isn’t it?
I am tired  as I do not think I have talked that much in over a year…. When you see people  that have known you for that long too, it is funny! We have known them for almost 25 years, well at least the husband!
I had 10 people staying here though and it was so peaceful though!  I really, really enjoyed it! Now, I really need to get that table!  I actually found out today a tip on someone who had a table for sale, so I am going to go look at it! <p> So, in brief, my fun weekend and I have a bunch of things I need to do this week to get ready for school, plus I have paperwork to get in for my doula work that has to be done this month. That sort of stresses me as I am not sure if I did it all right! We will see!

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Martha,
    That was a lot of fun! Thanks for letting us stay there.

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