It is finally winter here!! I am so happy about that!!! It was -13 yesterday! It is so nice to stay home and not go anywhere, although today I am afraid I need to make a grocery list and head out to do shopping, which I am dreading. It actually dusted us with a bit of snow as well this morning.<p>
I got really worried as my camera vanished and thankfully I found out I had left it at my sisters house, so whew… was found. I can post  pictures later today of my nieces birthday maybe! <p>
I am feeling really overwhelmed though with high energy boys and alot of messes. The house is  messy and I am trying to stay ahead. It is hard to keep up with school and all the things that have to be done this tim of year, but I am doing pretty good with it. I did have bath salts that got thrown all over the living room. Then when I told them to clean it up, they vacuumed up stuff that should not be vacuumed and the vacuum is totally clogged up and I cannot get it unclogged, but my wonderful son kept working on it and got it out!! It was a piece of wood, a sock and paper!!! <p> I ended up falling asleep last night on the bed downstairs. At least I was in my pajamas, but I woke up kept remembering I needed to brush my teeth! Yeah, wonderfully restful night! <p> T. was reading a train book yesterday and found out that one of the fastest trains was in Japan and after plotting his trip to Japan on the globe  realized we must take a plane and keeps asking when we are going to "Tokyo" with his cute lisp!  I think he thinks we can just jump on a plane and go!! He had me checking plane ticket prices even!
<p> Well, I got to get my grocery list made up before I get more distracted!!!

Menu for the week:

Wednesday: Mini meatloaves, mashed potatoes, Salad
Thursday: Enchiladas, Spanish Rice
Friday: Pork Roast, mashed potatoes, salad,
Saturday: Strips of meat in gravy over egg noodles, green beans
Sunday: Crockpot Applesauce Chicken, noodles, steamed broccoli
Monday: Leftovers, Dessert
Tuesday: Pizza Pockets, salad

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  1. Anonymous

    Loved reading your blog, Martha, and hope to visit more often! So we are foodies as well as lovers of the written word!

    Hmmm. Could I maybe copy your menu? Planning is my Achille's heel. Whoops! Need to go sear the roast and saute the onions!!1

    Hope you visit my new blog when you have time!!!


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