After church I rushed over to a book bag sale at the mall, we picked up 3 bags of books, hopefully I got a few I can sell and make something off of! I am balancing a bag on top of the mall stroller with Tony in the cart, another bag inside the cart, when the bag decides to tear and Anthony almost got smooshed! Someone I knew from church saw me and commented on my bravery! I was glad when Maria showed up and her girls sat by a bag of books!

She was having company so wanted my help making supper. We were trying to decide what to make, went for a run through the store and ended up getting stuff to make both green chicken enchiladas and chicken fettuccine. She ran one way, I ran the other and we got all the stuff! We headed to go to her house and I look down as I am turning on to the street and my cut burst open and I have blood everywhere! All over my dress, my collar, I grabbed the nearest piece of cloth, applied pressure and I was still getting over to Maria's. We ended up making the fettuccine and cheated with a thing of bottled sauce. We had green beans and garlic bread with it and I had part of a ice cream sandwich. Anthony stole part of it though!

Anyway, I just got home! Maria was going to a bible study and I brought James home with me for the boys to play with until Moriah comes to get him. I enjoyed the day though!

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  1. Jennifer

    Hello, I was coming over hear to say that I tried your French Bread today and it was yummy. I was kind of in shock that it actually turned out since I was the one cooking it, but it did. I will have to figure out what I will try next. Thanks for the recipe. I really love reading your blog.

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