Age before Beauty
By Virginia Smith
Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko<

Allie Harrod is ready for a new career. She does not want to go back to work and miss her baby’s first smiles. But she does want to contribute the family income and a home-based business seems like the perfect fit.  She has never been much of a salesperson, but makeup should be different, right? <p>
The roadblocks to her budding career seem to be piling up, her mother-in-law moves in, none of her clothes fit right, and somehow her credit card bill is getting higher and higher. Determined to make a go of it on her own, she thinks that non-communication is the route to try, plus the nagging concern about her husband spending time with a coworker, who is a single mother, helping her out, bothers her.
Multi-level marketing, just does not seem the right place for her to be! <p>
All these questions and more plague new mother Allie,  one sister among three.  This lighthearted story, with deep thoughts throughout, will get you thinking not only about what Allie should or should not have done, but also about your own life and what you can do. I related to Allie, especially when at one point her mother-in-law walked in her bedroom without knocking!! <p> 
Allie’s bravery to face her challenges and make right decisions, pray through them, and see how God brings it all together, will keep you reading and laughing (and maybe crying) with Allie and her family through the whole book!  the deep Christian message throughout was appreciated as well,  with characters with real struggles with Christianity, for real reasons.
This is a fun read you have to pick up!  I really enjoyed it! <p>
It is published by Revell and 313 pages and retails for $13.99.
It is available for purchase at or

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