Do you ever think about something and taste it in your mouth?  i  find especially when you do not have it, this is the worst.  For some reason, I read somewhere something about the smells of cooking cheese. I thought "i wonder how you smell cheese cooking?" and suddenly there, I could almost taste a piece of good cheese in my mouth.  It is so weird how your brain works and connects  to your taste buds, your mouth starts watering and then you just want it so bad. It does not help I only have cheap grated cheese in the house!!
<p> What makes your mouth start watering? What are some cravings you have had that are hard to get rid of until you get the food?

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  1. Roseleona

    Hey, I haven't talked to you in a long time! How are you?

  2. Anonymous

    Sometimes I get a craving for chips and salsa. Once it came at 5 in the morning! Another one I sometimes get hungry for is a Schlotzsky Original. I grew up near a Schlotzsky's restaurant and loved their sandwiches. The only problem is there aren't any near where I live now, so I can only eat there during visits to family. Now that I'm thinking of it, I wish I could have one for lunch today!

  3. Moriah

    I heard that a large percentage of taste is smell….like when I have a cold and can't smell, I can't taste anything. So i guess it makes sense that it'd work the other way!!! interesting.

  4. aaronamber

    Just a couple of days ago I was thinking about this. I LOVE the orange chicken from Panda Express, and was craving it something awful. I could taste it! Oh it was bad… I have found that the cravings like this are much worse when I am pregnant. As in, NOTHING sounds or tastes good except the item I am craving. Tee hee.

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