Sometimes when I think of blessings I think of big huge things, but sometimes  I realized they are  not that big! I have been really blessed this week, and you know, it has not been the easiest week! <p>  For one thing, F. had a very important doctors appointment and  we are waiting on our van to be fixed. Car issues give me alot of stress, so believe me, I am having a real test of patience…but through these tests God has been giving me real bits of encouragement! <p. F. got a ride to the doctors visit, we will not know how it went, perhaps  for a long time or never, (S.S is secretive), then I discovered a report that I had gotten 2 weeks ago was due  the next day, I had no choice, but to carefully drive the van across town (watching the fluid levels and temp.) and pray the whole time! The blessing in that was…..well, I prayed the whole time I was driving!<p>  Growing up we listened to alot of Keith Green music, and he was one of the people  that was one of our "heroes" I guess you could say.  I was listening to some of the music, and  read his biography again (I cannot count how many times I have read it) and was struck again with his life! He was only 28 years old when he died, yet God used him in a incredible way. Maybe not all his songs have music I especially like, but his fire and yearning for God really inspired me. I then thought of the why behind it, why did God feel it was his time to go? <p> It did inspire me again as I have always wanted and felt called to be a missionary, but  God so far has called me to be a missionary here at home. They talked in church this morning about Compassion, helping children and I remember this little, happy girl in Bolivia, with sores and filthy dirty and just feeling like I wanted to take her and scrub her up, yet, she was in poverty because of her moms addiction to coca leaves and begging  by the church. i think it is wonderful to help them, I wish i could do it! But it made me think,  there are so many of us with addictions to things, our children are not covered in sores and dirty, but we are addicted to things like our comfort. We are  willing to help the children of other countries, while we ignore those in need in our own family sometimes. Sometimes it is easier to send money off in the mail than help the widow in the church rake her leaves. What about changing diapers? Complaining about the jobs we have as mothers- I have been guilty of complaining about  all the cooking I have to do, the laundry, when I was breastfeeding- how much time it takes, but this right now is my mission field!  It says in the bible how we are worse than infidels if we do not care for our own. I think that extends out to extended family as well, if our parents need help  and we do not offer it, our brothers and sisters, our grandparents. It may be uncomfortable or we may think "We are not called to that ministry!" but we are all called to minister to our families! <p> (I am not  talking about if they are dangerous or bad influence to be around, of course. Just seeing needs like helping clean, even just  visiting) <p>
Well, back to my blessings, yesterday a friend came to help put the fence poles so the boys can play outside safely! What a wonderful thing! Hopefully by the end of this week we will have a safe place! <p> We also got invited over for  lunch after church to their house. It was so refreshing as  many times  people are not used to children or have things for children to do. These people have children and  the boys had a wonderful time playing in the mud, running and jumping and just being happy! It was relaxing! <p> I have just seen how prayers I have been praying this week have been answered even though the really hard things are still there and we didn’t get as much school done last week as we should have. The van still needs fixing, F. is still having some struggles, I have some more bruising to deal with and am wondering if I should go to the doctor, but God is good! He can deal with these issues, He is going to take care of us! <p> We sang "Great is thy faithfulness" this morning and I was reminded of how great His faithfulness is. There are down times, people always are critical or let me down, but God is there even in the hard times! <p> I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. drewsfamilytx

    I often have to be reminded that this season in my life requires me to minister and take care of my family! That is my priority, even above other "good works."

    And a noble calling motherhood is, isn't it? 🙂

    How wonderful it was for that family to bless you and encourage you just when you needed it.


  2. loefflermom

    Our God is so faithful even when we are not. I am so glad that God is more concerned about my heart and my being with Him more than about me doing things right.

    Thanks for stopping in on my site awhile back. Its fun to know that you are in Montana too!

    Have a blessed day!


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