I am trying to catch up as I have been gone for awhile.

I could not get the internet to work ont his computer, and come to find out what i was trying was not working because it was unplugged…..

I am reading some interesting books right now, mostly on the Holocaust. The one I am reading is about a family of Lilliputtian dwarfs. The father was a dwarf and had 10 children and 7 of them were dwarfs. I have not read all of it, but it is about how they survived because they were dwarfs and were experimented with. I also read a book called Run,boy, Run also on the Holocaust and got several others.

Yesterday H. turned 7!! P. is going to be 9 this wednesday also which I can scarcely believe! Am I old enough to have a 9 year old?

Of course I go back to when they were born.

When I was pregnant with P. I was in MN, away from my family, had almost no prenatal care and was very, very sick my entire pregnancy. I would get so weak I could barely function, and the heartburn was awful! I was given a gift froma friend that really brightened my entire life! A train ticket for F. and I to go to MT to have him. We packed up and left 3 weeks before I was due. I was a few days overdue, the midwife who had seen me a couple times left on a trip which I was a little worried about, so after an all day shopping trip, I started having an idea something was happening. I ate a roast chicken dinner with lots of cranberry relish (which I threw up the next day) and in the middle of the night I woke up after being soaked with my bag of waters rupturing! The labor started with a bang from the beginning, but my weakness from being so sick the whole pregnancy really told on me and I was pretty out of it. I was dehyrated, weak and listless and probably could have used an IV, but I managed to get into the shower which saved me and I had him in my parents bathroom shower after 7.5 hours of hard labor.

H. was born 3 days short of 2 years later in MN. We were living without electricity, running water, in a small cabin. I was a little concerned about having him there, so found a small house to use in town nearby. I was very scared to go into labor this time and resisted it with all my might until I was about 9 days overdue and just said “Okay!” I was in great physical shape this time as I walked 2 miles everyday or more, and felt really good.

Since that was the year of Y2K, my in-laws had sort of fraked out and bought a huge store of food. When nothing happened, they said good-bye and let me tons of food! It was great except that we lived without electricity and suddenly everything started getting warm outside. The night before I invited everyone in the church over for ribs and we ate them all up! (I think there were a couple turkeys too as well as salami, cheese and ramen soup to last a lifetime almost)

I do not eat pork usually so it irritated my stomach and praise the Lord, started labor! I was half asleep and did not realize for a few contractions that that is what it was! I woke up F. and mom and they loaded the van, but F. was so nervous, he grabbed pretty much anything he could find and loaded the van so packed full that it was a major job to get it all home again. Poor guy!

I felt great, was able to handle the contractions well, but thought it was weird my water had not ruptured so figured it would be a long time. I started to feel like pushing though just a few hours after we got there and ignored it and did not tell anyone because I figured it was too soon, and the water had not ruptured! All of sudden, there I was pushing the baby out….H. was born after only 3.5 hours of labor that was not that bad.

Sad to say, though recovery was not fun. I tore very badly, from my position and he was 8 lbs. 9 oz. and only 19 in. long. and resolved to not ever tear again! Anyhow, P. got a little brother for a birthday present that year! The other ladies got together and made him a nice celebration and cake as I could not move.

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  1. TC

    I loved reading your birth stories!

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