My niece on her 9th birthday…..
Her birthday is  the day before mine and my husband’s is the day before that! We have a whole week of birthday celebrations!
All the children enjoying themselves, waiting for food, patiently!  This is not even all her cousins, but she had quite the gathering with only a couple extras!
For my birthday my mom, my sisters, my aunt and my cousin all took me to this fancy tea house. It was really neat! It was expensive, but so much fun! They had fancy hats you could wear if you wanted, beautiful gifts all geared toward tea and everything was dainty and small, even the food! This is  a picture of my plate. It was a turkey sandwich with cream cheese and cranberry curd on it. <p>
My cousins little baby who joined us! Isn’t he a sweetheart?
Well, then later that day I was supposed to go to my sister’s for a family gathering and some pie.  I got there and they shouted surprise! I  looked up the stairs and saw  my cousin and my sister’s and thought, "Oh, how nice! They decided to have a little party." But then I walked up the stairs and was shocked, really, really surprised, because there in the room was friends from MOPS,  some wonderful friends from my childhood, our real estate agent,  (who had become a friend), and others! I was so surprised and blessed that they did all of that for me! It was so much fun too, to visit with all those friends! I was still all shaky from being surprised though a couple hours later!
It was a wonderful evening! They gave me lots of funny cards and beautiful gifts and my sister Moriah, had bought all these lovely decorations that said 30!! on them. When the evening was over, I was not as scared to be so old! <p>
I know this is late, but I wanted to still share with you!

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  1. Anonymous

    So turning 30 wasn't all that bad? It's so hard for me to believe that you and Nichola are 30, and in just a few years Maria and I will be. Sometimes I still feel like we should all still be teenagers.

  2. Anonymous

    Oh yeah, that comment was me — forgot to sign my name.


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