A good friend went into labor last night and I have been with her for the last two of her births, so it was hard since she moved far away. Thankfully she had a very good friend of both of ours with her, who called throughout the evening and night and morning  for tips, updates and guidance. She did a really good job it sounds like and they have a new baby girl! <p>
My friend was going through her own trials physically, yet she took the time to work with her, staying up all night to be with this mom as she birthed their 5th child into the world! Even though I was just on the phone,  that feeling  of being able to help  was really great. <p> I have been meaning to take some pictures and get it on her, but I put my camera on top of the fridge and it got shoved to the middle and I am short. It is hard to reach, even with a chair unless I climb on the counter….which I have done sometimes. But really, I am meaning to climb up and get it down and take some. The other reason was because I was spending too much on photos and I had to cut back!!!= )
Car shopping is going okay, although there are so many decisions to be made… I am not sure I like it.<p> I was reading this book I got from the library that is something about  52 ways to make a difference. They have you do a list of 52 things…you do one on each Monday in a year and at the end of one year you will have made a difference. I think I would change a few of the things on the list. But I am working on my list as I think it is a great idea, I will hopefully be posting that soon. I have read some great books lately….No more Status Quo…was really good! Also, Only Nuns change their habits overnight, as well as some other ones. I just picked up "Have a new kid by Friday by Kevin Leman to re-read.   I also got some money saving books by Ellie Kay, who is always good.
Then of course, I read some great fiction. It is always great fiction too, especially if it makes me cry. I did not think any of them were going to hit me that way, then I read Yesterday’s Embers  by Deborah Raney. The story did not make me cry as much as the author’s notes. It has been one of those weeks though where I stand in the shower and  think about life and the meaning of it all, so these books are great for reflective thinking, especially the fiction ones.
So, I got to go back to the busy life of boys, I think I should go and make them something nice to eat. Spaghetti and salad was on the menu, but we did not feel like that, so  I guess I will see if there is something else or we will make more popcorn and snack foods and eat that!  I hear happy laughs coming from the other room as they play and bounce around in their large, nearly empty (on purpose)playroom. they have been having so much fun playing outside as the weather has been warm and nice! But they are pretty muddy when they come in! P. had a big streak of mud across his forehead, but bike riding after that long winter was so fun!

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