It was really pretty out today! It rained last night which was so nice. Rain has really been scarce this summer so we really appreciate it.

This morning I met with some other mothers to help plan our first MOPS meeting and sort of cement the rest the year, assign people. It was nice as we met a place down the road. I was not sure what to order as the last time I was there, I had eggs and it made me feel sick, so I just had a really good muffin and tea. I think though eating sugar first thing is never a good idea for me either as I did not feel so great after that. Oh well, can’t win! I have a very strange stomach.

This evening we went to a prayer meeting at one of the families in my husbands church. The men and the women sit separately and so the three older boys sat with my husband and amazingly sat really, really good. They were tired, but still it was good. My youngest on the other hand, had a hard time and we made it about an hour and half with peanut butter crackers, water, and a sewing board ( a plastic canvas with a shoe string) and then we had to go upstairs and he sat and stared at the fish, tried to turn flips on the bunkbed etc. He is a little acrobat!

It was a late evening as it was late when we got home (and here I am still up) but we had a nice visit. I listened to two of the sermons and got to pray the two times too. They had visitors who had 2 accordians and a boy with a violin and a small I think mandolin. It was really nice music! Oh, one of the men from the church played on the keyboard too. The basement has good accoustics so it sounded great! Of course, a couple people had to give me a hard time about not talking Russian, but I do not mind so much! I think I should try more, but it is hard as I have a hard time speaking English at times, who wants to try a foreign one? I know, I should not be that way.

So, we may go tomorrow too! We have a meal at our church tomorrow and I have nothing made at all! I cannot believe it! I do not even have a clue of what to make! Isn’t that horrible?

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