Do you think, maybe? We are trying to get back to normal, I am not exactly sure what normal is anymore, but I am going to try! <p>
We had a lovely little service for my grandmother on Saturday. It was nice, but hard! <p> The friday before our church went christmas caroling and our bible study group did as well in the morning. We went to a nursing home in the morning to sing which was nice, the residents seemed to really enjoy it. We are trying to do a service project to work on encouraging someone else around us instead of doing the actually bible study. (So it is not all talk and no works) It was a little warm in there though and my brother J. almost fainted. I was trying to find a door and was having trouble finding one and finally got him some fresh air! Whew! I feel bad for the people who work there in the heat! Next month is mine and I am considering doing letter writing to prisoners. <p> The evening Christmas caroling, we went to some houses of people whom  the pastor knew and two fire stations. After the last fire station, my aunt and I went to check on the children outside and got locked out. We stood in the doorway for awhile, then sat in the car. After awhile we started to wonder what happened! I guess they went on a little tour of the station during that time.  Of my children, only H.  was in there and he told us all about it! Afterwards we had cookies and cider at the pastors house, but I was so tired! I must be getting old as I have been so tired at night lately! Maybe I m just regaining normal! <p>
I found these neat kits at Joann’s fabrics yesterday for the boys school. I was looking for some things to do that could be hands on and these were perfect. I applied for and got a 15% discount on stuff on sale or not on sale for school, which helps a little. Anyhow, they are for the old west period and fit as I just got some books about that. H. wants to do a presentation on John Glen though, so I need to get some stuff on that now! <p> It is time to start letting ourselves think about making raviolis! I bought a form this year and my sister did too, so we will have 4 of them to use. I think it will make things easier.  I am thinking of making some for me.  I want to try a spinach cheese one like the one at Costco and I had a chicken, spinach and romano one once that was really good too. I have some recipes to try! Then of course plain old cheese and then we make one with meat, spinach and Romano cheese. <p> My house is a mess, I need to plan dinner and make some cookies or brownies for the boys  club party tonight.

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  1. gmisch

    like you have been busy! We have been too. This week will be no different either, but fun. I will be posting about what we did yesterday and Saturday. It was so fun!


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