i am so tired! I do not know why, except I think all the lack of sleep is catching up. Anthony is cutting teeth or attempting to and sleeps not so great. Then trying to get Paul on a better schedule has been alot of work. I am working for my sister, taking care of her girls and picking them up from school…so it has been alot of here and there running.
What is the best thing to do to relax? I still have a list of tons of things to do!

We are out of bread so some needs to either be made or bought.

A couple bills to be paid, so I need to sit down and figure out if money needs to be deposited or what so I can pay them. One is the car insurance, so I do not want to be late on that one!

My office is unworkable and needs to be fixed, desperately! I saw a lady with a workspace she cleaned out and reorganized and I thought it was a good idea! She put the worktable int he middle of the room. My room is not very big, but I wonder if it would work! First I have to get rid of the trash that accumulates on the floor first!

So, those are just a few things to do! I am more tired just thinking about it!

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