I wish I had a way to take pictures of myself working! Now, I hate having my picture taken! But I noticed on Crystal's Blog she had links to another blog where the lady showed herself doing housework in a dress.
Anyhow, I thought I would post a bit of some schedule I have come up with. I have been planning my meals and I amde a notebook with the page of shopping list, things to do, menu for the week, a notebook in it and then a calender. I also put things in the pocket that I have to keep track of. I am working on organizing my files as well as my office. If I can I am going to have a whole wall of shelves built. It will be tons of room and woe is me if I fill them up with books. I have a 6 ft. high bookshelf double layered with books right now and tubs and boxes all over the floor still full of books! Why so many you say? Well, not all of them are worth keeping. Some of them are for sale, some are worth selling, some need to be organized into lots to sell, some are for homeschooling later, some are for reading, and on and on!
Fred's sister called tonight. She was driving back from New York and called to check up on us. She has been so nice to me! It is another sign of miracles God can do. Fred's mom is worried about Fred being alone here when I am gone. I am not exactly sure why she feels that way, but I worry a bit too. I am going to call Chris tomorrow and have her call him up a bit more often!
Bonita is coming over at 9:30 in the morning so I need to go and get things picked up a bit still, try to relax and go to sleep!

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