life can never just be simple? <p> This past month has been so hard for so many reasons, but  as it would have it on Sunday I decided to rest. You see, my Sunday’s are not usually days of rest.  It is full of  doing things to prepare for being gone for church, making sure the night before there are clean clothes, the whining and crying because the shirt sleeves are too short or my oldest boys pants are all too short, my youngest does not like to eat breakfast on Sunday, for some reason, so I have to prepare something for him to eat while we are gone. He gets really grouchy or naughty otherwise. <p> So, this Sunday after a truly hectic week, I decided to stay home, relax and try to get some  of the housework done that had been neglected. <p> So, it was nice, I rested,  and then in the afternoon tackled the laundry. I divided it all up and started washing. I was on the 3rd or 4th load when  I noticed some water  on the floor.  The load was done pretty much in the washer, so I stopped it and checked it out, pulling out the washer with my husband to check what was the problem. The drain hose looks like it has a small hole in it, which I have to figure out how to replace. All the moving we did was not too good for the washer, so here I am still with all the darks and reds to do yet.  "sigh"<p> I may have to go to the laundry-mat.  which is just expensive, not really hard. <p> The boys room is awful!  They have mixed all their stuff up and I am really, really tired of it!  I am going to with the storage room, empty out everything we do not have to have in there.  They are not learning how to take care of stuff and I am just ashamed of how it looks. It is awful! They have been arguing so much this last week,  I wake up with a headache in the morning and here  the disagreements face me all day. <p> To top it off, P.’s math book disapeared.  I am not sure where it went, but we are working  on memorizing times tables anyhow this week instead so we don’t really need to book as much.  I found a website  with flashcards
that I am using. It saves me time from sitting and flashing them to them. There are some games on here i do not like, so I am sitting near him while he works, but it gives me time to check email then, <p> Last night though,  I did something really fun. Taste of Home Cooking School was in town.  If you ever have a chance to go, it is alot of fun!   I was not going to go as none of my sisters or relatives could go and it is no fun to go alone,  but  I asked  two friends if they wanted to go and we had so much fun! We sat and giggled in the back and watched her make all kinds of yummy food! We did not win anything, there was  like 1-2000 people there, I would guess! It was alot of people, so even though they gave alot of stuff away,  we were not in the group. One thing  they gave away was a brand new stove.  The lady who got it was an elderly woman who  was just overcome that she won it and it looked as if she really needed it!  That was neat!  We came home with lots of samples, coupons, and a small cookbook with the recipes she made and more. <p> So, today it is back to the housework! I am working, but my office and the boy’s room really need help. My bathroom needs some scrubbing, but first things first. We are trying to get an extra day of school done as well as  we will be gone Thursday all day, part of Wed. and part of Fri. to see my mom and for me to go to the dentist.  I am taking my grandmother with me, which she requires alot of care, but  I am thinking positive that it will go well!

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  1. Anonymous

    I can't help but wish sometimes that I could push a pause button and that everything and everyone would just stop and wait for me to catch up on some sleep, breath deeply and conquer the chaos… I know that these years pass quickly but they seem long right now. Hang in there. I can't help but wish that we lived closer. ~Diana

  2. drewsfamilytx

    Taste of Home cooking show sounds like fun!

    I'm so sorry you're having a rough week otherwise. It seems there is always a snowball effect of one thing leading to another.

    Praying it gets better– and for safe travels for y'all as you travel and visit the dentist (and fun things like that). 😉


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