I think when you are driving down the road and thinking that getting in a car accident, not a major one, but one that requires rest for a couple weeks…..would be really nice, you are too busy!!! <p> I decided to  join a mini preschool/kindergarten coop with my sister and  a couple others, but so far it has been 1.5 weeks, 2 days a week and it has been a bit hard on me. There are things I like and things….not so much, but we will see how it goes. <p> Then a friend  offered to help me with teaching another son, which is really helpful, but it requires I leave the house extra early and drop him off, also there have been the extra lesson plans for the preschool on top of our normal lesson plans, also then afternoons have been used for more schoolwork for the others  as well as cleaning, cooking, canning and everything else…..and by the time night comes I am all hyped up on the day, I can’t sleep and am thinking weird things like how nice it would be to be in a car accident!! Well, maybe next week will be easier. <p> I canned salsa today. I  did not want one that had alot of vinegar in it. So I looked and looked and found one that I used, well I actually used less peppers and onions and more tomatoes and probably more vinegar, but I am still  doubting myself and praying that I used enough in it! I cooked it down awhile as well which is supposed to help and I am pretty sure they were vine ripened tomatoes which helps and I used  hardly any peppers compared to tomatoes……if it needs more I will add when I open it up, but I am a bit worried…..but I followed a modern recipe. It should be fine.
<p> So, I am weird…..I need to sleep, so good night!!

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