It has been quite the week. We have been busy and moving, cleaning, cooking, and helping finish up my sister’s house.
H. pulling up carpet tacks after the carpet was pulled up
F. painting in the baby’s room

Painting…..the boys worked really hard cleaning, painting and learning how to work hard!!
My sisters  new master bathroom!  The tile is beautiful!!!

My camera was fuzzy from being in the cold too long!! I forgot to bring it in before we ate dinner, but I got some of the pies!! I did not even have time to change clothes, I was on my feet pretty much constant for the last two days! Lots of baby holding going on!!! It is fun to have two of them and they are going to be spoiled as they are oohed and awed over all the time. Their cousins love them and  love to play with them! They are really good babies too, which is nice! They are fun to play with and hardly cry at all!
Looking into the living room from the dining room! This is looking for their old living room! My niece played us something she learned on the violin!! She just started and she already could play a nice song!!
The audience!!!
There is plenty of room now to play, and move around. We had 30 people in the house and it was relaxing, because of all the space!!
Anyhow, that was a bit of an overview of my week! I said I think I was probably among a minority who prepared Thanksgiving turkey with a chop saw and table saw  in the kitchen!! They were still working on paint touch ups, trim, closets, putting bathrooms together yesterday.  It was nice to work together!! Today we are going to put together  a scrapbook room!

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  1. Anonymous

    Happy Thanksgiving to the whole family! You have been in my thoughts and prayers a lot. Moriah's house is beautiful. ~Diana

  2. Susan

    Wow, it's been so long since I've been on your site, cause my new computer didn't get "my favorites" button transferred over.
    Your sisters house looks gorgeous, does she live right in your area?
    Looks like you managed to have a great thanksgiving in spite of the construction going on.
    Hope the rest of you Holidays are just as good!

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