We managed to get a ton of school done this week, but not a lot of pictures!
I just got all my pictures printed off of my camera, about 6 months worth, so I need to get scrapbooking.

A masterpiece breakfast made by P.

Monday: We were behind on the Bronze Bow reading, but finished it up pretty much this week. We had already read the beginning of Twice Freed last year, so we will start where we left off next week on that book. I went to the library in the afternoon and they had completely remodeled and rearranged the library. I am still getting used to it. It seems like they are missing a couple card catalog computers and seems a bit more impersonal. My children have complained they can’t find an employee anymore. I hope that will change later…I did shelf reading, which was nice, but a little eye straining. I had a headache when I came home and went to basketball.

We got a lot of schoolwork done in the day time, we did extra reading and language arts exercises in preparation for Wednesday, and then had a game in the afternoon. 5/6 graders struggled in their game, but 7/8th graders won their game. After the game, we went to a concert of high school stringed instruments. It was beautiful, but very long. It was a good exercise in music appreciation though!
Link to video

We headed out early to attend a class on making homemade cleaners, baby products. I had made a casserole to take along as everyone usually brings some food. Lately, there has been way too much food, but today, there was a crowd! It was so nice to see the crowded sitting area, and all the babies.

Everyone enjoyed the food, the boys enjoyed having a day off of school as well!

Another great school day, we are just moving along!

We had basketball in the afternoon…playing a really good team that we just decided to go in, do our best and have fun.
We didn’t win either game, but they played well, and while they had a height advantage in a couple of players, our team held their own and it looked like they would win at first.

It is good practice for them to be able to play aggressively and really put themselves out there, even though it is hard when they don’t win. They felt happy and excited that maybe they have a chance next time to beat them!

We also threw in a newspaper field trip today, but it was kind of a bust as the man that gave the tour really did not know anything about the paper.
We basically walked throughout the building, looked around, asked some questions to which he replied…”I really don’t know.” to most of them.
PhotobucketIt was disappointing.

But we got to see the presses…
That was nice! They are older than I imagined!


We finished up the week, but still have to construct our paper skeleton from the Body book. I made all the copies and we are going to get those all done. I am thinking it might be time for some anatomy videos!
P. spent about 3 hours volunteering at the food pantry. We are trying to get him in the habit of volunteering and he is enjoying it immensely! We had another game, pretty far out of town, where the 5/6 graders blazed through and won their game! They had a lot of fun, even though there were a few girls on the other team that looked like they were about to cry a couple times. The 7/8th graders had practice, and that was good for them as well to have to practice alone.

It has been a busy week, and the rest of the month promises to be full as ever. I am looking forward to it though!

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  1. JoAnn

    Sounds like a good week, with a lot accomplished. That’s a bummer about the newspaper field trip, how sad. I make some of my own cleaners too, it really is nice and saves a lot of money. 🙂

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