Thursday was a little scattered as I had a turkey in the oven all day, we did school, I was babysitting  and then we headed out  up north-west….to help my brother pack up and say goodbye. I spent th evening with my mom and dad, which I found out when i got there they had a relapse and were sick again with a nasty flu. I am still praying that we do not get that.
The next day we went over the apartment and started in on the job. He is moving across the country so  he could not just pack up stuff, but had to decide what he could pack into his bags, what to mail and what to give away, besides all the cleaning. In there also, my other sisters stopped in and one of them who is turning 18 this month is going to be in Peru on her birthday so we had made a cake and ate all of my brother’s leftover’s for lunch.  <p> It was a very long day with lots of work, but we managed to get it all done.  We ended up going out for dinner at like 7:30pm. and kept the place open late, while everyone amused themselves and bus boy with jokes they had heard.  I took a picture so will post it sometime!
Anyhow, we washed curtains, floors, the  closet rods, vacuumed, scrubbed walls, windows and pronounced it done around 10:30 pm.  I was so tired and in spite of not having a sore throat, for some reason my voice was vanishing. Combine that with lack of sleep as I got up at 3:30 am to say goodbye to my brother  after saying up to 1 am with him anyhow, I had pretty much no voice the next day other than a whisper.
My throat still does not hurt, but I figured I needed a rest day and just in case it is a full blown cold, even though nothing else is wrong……weird, I just feel really tired!  I wanted to go to church, but ended up staying home and my wonderful 10 year old son has been taking care of me!
<p>  I have been taking zinc, elderberry, vitamin c. GSE and  drinking lots of tea, so it feels nice actually as i have not been sick in like a year!
I just really hope we do not get that flu!
<p> Anyhow, i packed up and mailed some of the rest of my brothers stuff yesterday morning, well, there is some to mail,  dropped stuff off at the second hand store,  dropped off tubs at mom’s birth center and the boys helped mom clean up the house. She has been painting, redecorating and so there was stuff everywhere after the fire and it is looking really good!
<p> We drove home last night after stopping quick at the Amish store and seeing my sister’s house they are finishing up there. It is looking so nice!
Anyhow, I am freezing,  so maybe I am more sick than I realize…I think I may go curl up with a book and blanket.

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