Touching the Clouds

By Bonnie Leon

Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko

Kate Evans is adventurous and loves to fly!  This is a very different combination for a woman in the time period of which she lives. Kate is dealing with guilt  from surviving a plane accident which effected her life. Leaving everything, her parents, her fiance, she heads out to be a Alaskan Bush pilot, which no one believe she will actually get to do. It is a man’s world and dealing with fighting the norms of society is as hard as the actual work.

Can Kate deal with her past or will it always effect her? Can she make new relationships in this wilderness or will she always  be surrounded by walls of fear?

My Review:

I have always enjoyed Bonnie Leon’s books. I was a teenager when I first read her Northern Light’s series and it is still a fond memory. We were so thrilled as we worked hard to get the library to buy them!

Touching the clouds is a excellent piece of writing fiction. You will learn much of Alaskan history,  and especially how planes figured in the early history of it. You  also realize little has changed in some areas of Alaska, other than prices. I could have thought this a contemporary work of fiction, other than the prices were very low and I realized it was quite long ago. You will read the emotion of the characters in this book, and it will make you look forward to more of this series. -Martha

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