I have some pictures to share, but forget to bring the camera downstairs when I go upstairs….I will do it as the post is not as nice without pictures!<p>
I am so behind on housework, it is awful! I was thinking about having people come over to check out the windows and realized there is messes everywhere! That is embarrassing for me! The boys have  clothes spread everywhere, piles of books in the living room, the floors are dirty and  keeping up with dishes has been interesting. Anyhow, such is life! A week without schoolwork has made lazy boys and lazy mom!<p> We bought a new van!!
The sun is shining wrong, so it is hard to see the people!!
It is a nice little van, seats seven and drives nicely! We got a good deal on it, so we may be able to use the rest of the money to buy new windows for our bedroom!
<p> The last 6 weeks were soccer weeks
the boys have such fun playing soccer!  P. is right there  in the middle!
It is hard to get a picture without it blurring at all as  they were moving pretty fast!!! H. and P. both got to be on the same team this year.
L. also had alot of fun playing!

Then L. had his seventh birthday! He had a chocolate cake with ice cream and cookies on top. We had hamburgers and french fries with  pasta salad for dinner…..which was his choice and he ate good!
He got a new teddy bear from his Aunt Moriah, fireman Playmobile, lego set, and a Knights and castles sticker book! He was pretty excited!
<p> Then we also had our 12th anniversary….it is hard to believe it has been 12 whole years, but  it has. We had a nice day! It was on a Sunday, but we went out for dinner, just the two of us and it was really nice! I have a very sweet husband!
<p> We were planning a big trip as it was spring break week, but we got delayed with getting the van, so we made a trip up to see my mom and dad instead and that was fun. We  had a nice picnic  the first evening.
P. bought a kite and had fun  flying it, until it got stuck in a very high tree! We BBQ’ed hamburgers and hot dogs and had vegetables. Yum!
I got to see  my sister’s baby on the ultrasound and everything looked really good! She is about 20 weeks, but is waiting to be surprised by what it is.  I am going to have two nieces or nephews this year, Lord willing!
I also was privileged to be able to attend a class taught by a local OB/GYN on high risk birth and complications. It was very interesting and  informative, even for me! She had this model so she could demonstrate  issues with stuck shoulders, breech and others which was neat…She is probably one of the only doctors I have met who would consider doing a breech birth. <p>
She also made these wonderful beans for us to eat and they were like pinto’s but not. We topped them with chopped tomatoes, jalapeno’s, sour cream, jack cheese and Tapitio sauce. It was really good! I want to make them again!  Mom has some great doctors she gets to work with up there,  it is really nice. <p> Anyhow, we are home and trying to catch up on school! Soccer is over as I am not braving the fields this year, but we are going to be swimming alot and practicing for Track and Field day, which is next month! H. not very happy that soccer is ending! I am also not too happy as I got to get reunited with a friend from when I was 14 and visit every week! We made plans to continue getting together as we have alot in common and it was fun! 
So, hopefully you all enjoyed seeing what we have been up to! I have to go figure out what is for dinner now.  I missed a week of meal planning and it shows! I have been lost! Well, tomorrow we will plan and buy groceries! Hopefully!!

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  1. gmisch

    Nice to catch up with you a little! Congrats on the new van! Isn't it nice to have a bigger vehicle? I am loving my suburban. We will fill it up with Joseph though.

    Just so you know, it looks like we will be trying to come down to Idaho the second week of August. Let's plan to get together!


  2. Anonymous

    Hi Martha, I enjoyed your post. Happy Anniversary to you guys! It is nice that your boys can be involved in sports. Pretty important for boys to have a way to run off some energy. I love the couch that I can see just a little bit of in one of your pictures. There are few couches in this world that are both beautiful and functional.
    You are surprised that I have white hairs???? You don't?? I am pulling them out all the time.

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