I have been pondering the fascination with the old fashioned, not just among conservative people, but among the general public. Jane Austen movies, huge productions of re-enactments where you see all kinds of people wearing old fashioned clothing and acting like they did many years ago and then the one that puzzles me the most…..the absolute flood and fascination with Amish fiction that has flooded the Christian fiction market.

In looking at it all and trying to figure out the why behind it all, I think I see a trend! Our fashions have gotten to the point now in society where we see pants sagging down, if you dress nicely and neatly you are called “geeks”, “nerds” among other things or maybe just “prude”. You are to appear as fashionable and dress in a not so nice girl way, yet I think our inner girl longs for the simpler things in life. I say “inner girl” because most people would laugh and mock and could never live without their jeans all the time, but deep inside I think, they love it.

I know it is out there, especially from someone who wears skirts all the time, but yet still, I know, I wish I could just throw on a calico dress and it would be fine!!!

I don’t know why I get so irritated with some Amish fiction and more puzzling to me, why on earth I read them???? = ) I think it is because I keep hoping that one of them will get it right. There is one that I liked her books, she did so, so good and was very respectful in her writing. It was Cindy Woodsmall. Her books were excellent!! I would for sure read more of hers…..

Anyhow, just rambling thoughts from me over here! Life was good today, I did nothing……well, not nothing! I got rid of our van out of our yard that has been sitting here since last March. I gave it to a friend and am hoping he can fix it up and make some money on it. I sat and read a book and drank tea and ate a doughnut of all things!!! = )

I read Lucy Winchester by Christmas Carol Kauffman and I also read an mystery by Margaret Daley….she writes great short Christian mysteries if you like those! Lucy Winchester is sad, but a true story. I just found it so hard as she had baby after baby die and the doctors could do nothing. It makes me realize how much they are able to do now and they don’t just send you home with no hope all the time. She had like 5 children die…..or maybe more…she had like 5 living I think at the end, plus two husbands who died as well. It was very sad, but amazing to read how she dealt with it.

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  1. Anonymous

    Now I want to read Lucy Wincester again. You aren't the only one who doesn't like Amish fiction. I have only read two or three but I couldn't stand them. I liked Jodie Picoult's Plain Truth. It wasn't so much about the Amish as it was about a mothers love going to extremes. You have been so busy. I wonder how you do it… ~Diana

  2. pbrfans1

    I say if you want to wear a calico dress, wear a calico dress! You are of the age (not old…just not a teenager! I'm of that age too!) that fashion doesn't really matter anyway and we live in Montana…not exactly the fashion capital of the world! =) You should just dress your own style…you kinda do anyway! My "inner girl" does not want to wear a dress…just some pj's all the time would be fine! =) I guess I would start to feel frumpy though!

  3. Martha

    Yep….see that is the issue….I think I would, but like you, I would probably feel really frumpy if I went around in a calico dress all the time! But PJ's….now that sounds nice….but I would really be frumpy then!!!….well…..you are not one of those people fascinated by Amish fiction and stuff…..so I would not expect your "inner girl" to want it….LOL!

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