P1060072We went for a quick early morning hike for about an hour! In the beginning, the kids were way behind us and in the end, ran ahead! This is a great way to get some exercise and  be together as a family. It doesn’t have to take a long time!
A quick dip in the lake to wash off the sweat….P1060074They showered when they got home too though!!!
P1060075Goofing off with towels!
P1060076 Aren’t they cute?
P1060079Sometimes the energy never runs out, even after a long day of cleaning, organizing etc. This is still not where I want everything to be!
P1060080This is blurry, but pretending to sleep…
P1060081One of the semi organized bookshelves.
P1060082And another….
P1060084Some of our school crates. They still need to be reorganized. I need to figure out a method for them!
P1060087I barely touched this shelf and still need to go through a bunch of stuff. But the floor got vacuumed!
I am all caught up on laundry for the most part, except my own! It is funny how you put that off to the last, isn’t it.
I got my boxes of schoolbooks in the mail and next step is to finish organizing and making binders, putting school supplies in tubs, making sure we are all set to start!
It is funny how you can clean, clean and clean, and it still looks like it needs more!
Menu for the week:
Wednesday: Chicken and wild rice casserole with sliced tomatoes on the side (Really, really yummy!)
Thursday: Pulled pork or venison,  baked potatoes, salad, cut up cantaloupe.
Friday: Enchiladas, rice and salad
Saturday: Freezer beef and bean burritos, salad
Sunday: Leftovers, popcorn….
Monday: Unstuffed pepper skillet
 Tuesday: Sausage and peppers stuffed zucchini
Let’s see how well it works out!

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  1. simone

    Most of the pulled pork recipes i’ve tried still leave the meat dry. i would like your recipe if you have time.

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