P. and H. have been playing soccer  again. It is a 6 week season, and this one is outside. They have so much fun running and I enjoy seeing them run with a purpose, but it is still cold to be outside! We just about froze tonight, in spite of being layered with a t-shirt, pullover sweatshirt and  zip up thick sweater. We sat out there for about 45 minutes and gave up for the last 15!  We were very thankful it was not raining though as on Wednesday, they only got to play a few minutes before we were so drenched, we had to leave. A hot shower was really appreciated when I got home! <p>
Tomorrow  my sister is having a housewarming party for us! I am trying to get all ready and I got my camera back so  I will try to take some pictures and post them!
<p> This morning, it was kind of funny, I had loaded up my tires to go and get my snow tires changed off finally and guess what? Yep…..it was snowing!!! It did not stop until after I got them off and new ones on! I ended up having to buy two new tires which was sort of a unexpected expense, but I am glad it was not all four. <p> Last night I attended a fundraiser  for a mission trip to Czech Republic that several teens and adults are going on this summer. It was alot of fun to attend and they had a great speaker, good food, and a silent auction. I actually won something I bid on!  I got 5 brand new books, a coffee mug and $20 gift card to a local resteraunt for  $20 and a set of  pretty pictures and vinyl wall lettering that says  "Give Thanks" with a wooden thank you turkey for $7.  I hope it helped them out some as I am going to have fun with it, if I ever get time again to read without snatching a sentence here and a sentence there! 
Here is a link to some stuff about the trip in case you would like to read about it! It was really interesting! <p> I am also going to be part of a couple of blog tours in the next couple weeks! This one, Whisper of Freedom (Third book in Tricia Goyer’s series), I am in the middle of reading right now and I am really enjoying it and wishing I had nothing else to do but curl up with it! Soccer gives me time to do some of the reading….It will be a bit different blog tour and I am looking forward to it as it is a MEME, not just the same old thing on everyones site!
I also have a couple other ones too! Anyhow, back to work!

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  1. amandasangels

    I bet soccer is a great way for them to burn off some energy. I wish Seth would be more interested in playing at least one type of sport. Oh well. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I'm glad you got such a great deal on your auction items. I hope your housewarming party goes well. What a blessing! I can't wait to see the pictures.
    Love & Blessings,
    (: Amanda ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. stillearning

    Congratulations on the house! How exciting! I hope things are going smoothly for you. After seeing the pictures below I thought about your question on curtains. Maybe you already figured something out? But I was thinking that you could get some spring action rods to put inside of the window?

    God Bless,

  3. drewsfamilytx

    How thoughtful and sweet to have a housewarming party for you! I hope you get to post some pics.

    As to soccer, I cannot even imagine. We have finally finished the almost 3 month season and am SO glad it is over. We can finally relax and stay home… stay home to play in the sprinklers since it was in the mid 90s the other day. Blech!

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