It has been many days of constant motion, not always out of the house, but my boys are really busy with summer coming and  they want to be inside, outside, inside again, on bikes… the phone rings, I jump, I run…and life moves on! On Saturday, I had this big book/garage sale that i helped with. F. watched the boys and took them fishing  and it went well and after i got home, though my youngest had some trouble as he coated the neighbor girls somehow with mud. Yeah.
We had a talk, then went to say sorry with a loaf of banana bread.
Later he took off our license plate on the car, thankfully it was discovered before we drove off without it and got pulled over!  He has just the happiest grin too when he is doing it!!! It is hard to get him down!
Lots of showers, lots of baths and  waking up at 5, 6 or 7 am when you could not fall asleep until after 12 is not very good for the body, but we will survive! I am excited about shepherds pie tomorrow as most of my other meals fell through this week for one reason or another! <p>
I got some rhubarb and am off to make a yummy Rhubarb crisp and maybe some more banana bread if i did not wait too long with my bananas.  Maybe they will be sweeter? <p> I went to a doula tea on Saturday as well for a short time and am trying to figure out how to advertise. I am thinking i may need to do some volunteer work and try to get brochures in the doctor’s offices. i passed out some business cards though to one of the nurse midwives offices,  and a childbirth educator, so that is good!  It would be nice to have like one birth a month at least, the income would be great right now! <p>

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