We had sloppy joes for dinner tonight! It is something the boys and F. really like,  plus it is easy!  i like to use vegetable juice instead of tomato juice in it and it makes it a bit healthier too, as it has sugar in it, so it is not that healthy, but at least it is not from a can!
<p> Sloppy Joes
Brown  1.5 pounds ground beef
Add 4 T. flour, 4 T. sugar, 2 T. Worcestershire sauce, 2 t. salt, 1 t. chili powder, and 3-4 c. tomato juice (i used tomato sauce thinned out tonight as that is what I had).  Simmer 20 minutes until thick.
Serve on buns or bread.

<p> I also made oven fries, which we peeled potatoes and cut them into french fries. Tossed with a bit of oil and spices and baked at 400, until done and crispy! They are really good with seasoning salt  on them.

<p> It ends up a pretty cheap dinner as our potatoes were free and I had a big can of tomato sauce that i had to use……the buns were free…
<p> The older two boys have really gotten into cooking and yesterday made fried potatoes, today when I came home, they had cleaned the kitchen with their dad and  had made hot chocolate and were making pancakes which they ate for lunch. I think they put more eggs in them than they were supposed to as they were kind of eggy, but they were good and protein is always good!  It is fun that they really like cooking though! We are going to go on to working on nutrition probably more in school as a class too, but also putting the fractions they learn on the math page into practice is great! <p>
I was going to take pictures, but ended up running around like a whirlwind…..and did not get to it!

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