Do you ever forget they are really people? I do! I sit here and think of thema s these wonderful people who lived above their issues and problems, never struggled and had good attitudes at all time except when mentioned in the bible (like the children of Isreal)

Today we were reading in church the first chapter of Ruth and I suddenly saw Naomi in a different light. I read she blamed God and was very upset at God for her problems. She told the villagers to call her bitter because God really had been mean to her. But I can see when we look at the overall picture that it was hard, awful, but it is only 2 verses!! In 2 verses she lived in Moab for 10 years and lost her husband and 2 sons. She thnks of herself as just attracting bad things (I feel like that alot) and wants her daughter-in-laws to leave her so they do not take part in all the bad things. She says something about Orpah going back to her gods. It would seem like she was not too upset at that. I guess I never saw how bitter she was at God and all she suffered before. Yes, and yet God blessed her through the faithfulness of the daughter-in-law from an evil nation.

It just seemed sort of ironic to me!

I guess you can guess what our sermon was about?

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