I say mostly out, because I never stop teaching. What mother does, homeschooling or otherwise?
I have had a full camera for awhile, and went to get pictures taken off of them and the photo center was down.
We have had a lot of basketball, lots of reading, still finishing up math books, and really enjoying outdoors.
Plus, I decided to catch a very nasty cold, which my husband now has as well, which is not nice.
Our Summer plans are very simple.

-Spend lots of time reading
-Spend lots of time outside
– Do math practice twice or three times a week
What are your summer plans?

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  1. Ginger

    Summer is actually when we start school, because it’s too hot in Texas to wanna be outside. We are just finishing up our “Half Time”, when we do math and reading and skip all the rest. We do that in the Spring and Fall, when the weather’s nice.

    1. vicki

      We are gonna homeschool…lol. Dh and older kids will take a missipn trip amd we will have some summer camps but mostly we ar going to do more school.

  2. Sandi (bbcooker) from momys.com

    This summer I’ll have a newborn, as I’m expecting any day now. So for this summer we are focusing on learning some house chores I haven’t yet taught my kids, on reading lots, and on daily math & history. The chore emphasis is to help me since I’ll be sitting and nursing a bunch. The reading lots emphasis is because this is easy for me to do while nursing. The math emphasis is because we need to catch one student up and take advantage of our time. Our history emphasis is because it’s my kids’ favorite subject and it goes hand in hand with reading lots to the kids; they will enjoy the daily history, and why skip what they enjoy so much and I can easily do while nursing?

  3. Pam

    I”m not actually stopping school this summer. We will begin next year as soon as we finish this year, because my daughter and her family from Albania will be coming to visit from Sept-December and I want as much time off with them as possible! But our school is mostly reading delicious books anyway, and what makes summer better than delicious books!

  4. Robyn

    We’re gonna finish up some reading and math studies, continue with read alouds and start up an informal geography study. Summer here is short and fleeting so we school an absolute minimum, but don’t drop it all together or there just isn’t enough structure in our days :-)

  5. Rachel

    Ha! I thought I was going to be different…but…nope…
    We are continuing school. We’re on Week 7 of MFW after doing piece-mealed school for years before that…so we’re still loving it and will continue as best we can. Break when baby is born (but last year I only took a one-week break from school for that baby b/c the lack of routine was driving me bonkers…)
    So that’s the plan for now. We’ll see how the Lord directs our path!

  6. Tricia(mitri89)

    We’re almost done with school for the year but will continue math practice and reading. We’ll stay in a routine, but a more laid back, fun one. Normal chores each day, but we’ll spend lots of time outdoors, may take spur of the moment trips to the library or to get a sno-cone, and will likely stay up a little later than usual playing games or watching old movies after the little ones are in bed.
    I will try to tackle a few deep cleaning or odd and end projects that are hard to get to during the school year.
    No big vacations planned, but we plan on taking a few fun day trips as a family to various places in our state that we haven’t ever been. Maybe a camping trip…

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