Well, I did not know what to title this.  I am so tired! Anyhow, I finally got a cold, I knew it was inevitable, I have been fighting off all the sickness I have been exposed to since Dec.  and yet this is the first I have gotten sick in a very long time, so not so bad.  I have sort of been running myself ragged this last two weeks and really feeling it.  Yesterday we spent the three hours at soccer and at the end my head felt like it was going to explode! I just walked inside and fell on the couch and actually took a sort of half asleep nap for the next hour. I say half nap, because I still felt my boys jumping on me, talking to me, then being sweet in covering me up and asking every few minutes "Are you okay, Mommy?". They are not used to me getting sick and have been pretty worried, and really sweet.
<p> I have been doing some reading and read several books already.  One I read was called "My heart remembers’ by Kim Vogel Sawyer about siblings that were divided on the orphan train. It was a sweet story of how the oldest sister devoted her life to finding her two younger siblings and were reunited in the end. I have enjoyed this authors books, they are sweet stories plus if  her maiden name is the same as mine….so she  has points just for that! (Just kidding! But I did wonder if she was a far off relative)<p>
I have been really not doing as much school as we should with this crazy week.   I do not want them to get behind as I know how bad that can be. I started reading a book aloud to them (Yay!!). It is a Trailblazer book about Menno Simons and  I was surprised how easy it was to read aloud. My aunt told me that it was not me, but rather the book I have been trying that make it difficult for me to read aloud, so I am going to persevere and keep trying.
We finished a math book and are supposed to be starting on another one, but it is packed!! I thought I would concentrate more on reading, phonics, and history for now. I got a bunch of videos at the library on the Titanic, Going to the moon, traveling to France, Italy etc. so those help as well. They enjoy those! We finished the Drinking Gourd book and now he is reading Indian Summer. We got some books on Mars which he read too and one on Neil Armstrong, another one on Ben Franklin too.
A friend encouraged me to work on their speech skills and like giving oral book reports rather than written ones at this point. Have any of you had any success in doing that? Oh, also when we have been missing a subject or too, I have been trying to keep up with flashcards for math and reading. "Sigh"
<p>  Anyhow, I have a feeling the next two weeks are not going to slow down any, but  I just pray that even if they have a little longer spring break, they will catch up fast when we are at it again.

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