Sunday, I know is supposed to be a day of rest, but around here it does not really ever seem like it.
I start the day out by getting the boys up, dressed, ready for church and we go to church. I get home about 12:30 and usually rush around getting some lunch ready. Then at 1:30 we go to the Russian church. Toiday was their thanksgiving/harvest celbration! It was a 3 1/2 hour service!!! They had the church decorated beautifully! There was apples hanging in racks from the ceiling, leaves taped to the walls, sunflower seed heads and corn stalks, draped over the windows were plums clusters (real ones). In the front of the church was a display of big fruits and vegetables and a large loaf of bread! After the service they had a large meal that was really tasty! Mashed potatoes, lots of salads, this gravy meat sauce to go over the potatoes and then like all these different meat dishes. There was chicken on a stick, cabbage rolls, mushrooms stuffed with sausage, meatballs with mushrooms in the middle, chicken wings, little fried beef steaks, I think it was! Then there was tons of different cakes, pop, juice, compote (It is when they cook fruit and sugar and then add water to make a kool aid like drink) and tea of course.
I was so tired all day though so I really need to get to bed! It was quite the day, not very restful, but quite the day! Oh, in between there, when I got to the church I was not feeling very good (about 2:15) and I realized I had not eaten anything all day! I had to leave the meeting and went and got something to eat. I ended up missing alot of the meeting, but got about half of it (which was still an hour and 45 min about) and I go to spend a bit of time with my sister who was up visiting from Butte.
So, the end of a not so perfect day, but still the boys are fighting in their beds so maybe it is still yet to be? = )

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