I really needed one too! <p> This morning we went  briefly to JC Penny to take a look at some of their sales and T. got a pair of new slippers and another shirt. The shirts were only $1.18 so we have gotten several of them!  I spent the rest of my birthday gift cards at Bath and Body works as well and think  I am set for lotion for another year!  I love their lotion!  They did not have any of one of my favorites, so I have had to try some new ones, but who knows, maybe I will find another favorite! <p> I got a box of books in the mail from the my gift certificate from my aunt as well last week, and some others in the mail that  I bought or won on blogs and  it has been fun to try to find a spare minute to curl up with a book.  I read a couple of really good books this last while, but one I read was called A Shape of Mercy by Susan Meissner.  It was amazingly good, well, I really enjoyed it. It was about a  wealthy college student who  gets a job transcribing an old diary from  the time of the Salem Witch trials and it was so well written, I was just in the story the whole time…..it made me want to read more about that time period. Susan is an amazing author though! <p>
This afternoon we baked brownies and muffins. I made these really tasty apple applesauce muffins with a crumb topping on top. I figured the boys could have them for breakfast. They not only had apples in them, but the applesauce as well.  It is a good way to use up apples! I messed up my menu one day this week as I forgot to soak the beans, so today we had spaghetti  and ate today’s meal yesterday!  The boys were pretty happy though with  most of the meals this week and I have been getting hugs  because "Mom, this is the best meal ever!!"<p>
I have been having some fun doing some online searches for some books that I want to buy eventually. I have been concerned with that law they are passing Feb. 10th, so   have been worried some of the books I want to collect may not be available later.  One book that I read a long time ago, I was researching and found out the author actually wrote alot of the books in  German it looks like first.  The two I want to get is The Ark and A time for love  by Margot Isbert.  Some others are by Betty Cavanna, like  A touch of Magic & Ruffles and Drums, then  Kirsti and Julie by Helen Markley Miller, and That Jones Girl…by Elisabeth Friermood.   I would also like to find all the rest of the Gene Stratton Porter books I do not have. I have to fill that nice bookshelf in my bedroom, my mom bought me, don’t I? I am already working on it!!!<p>

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