I was reminded several times last night, that I am a mother, the sound of gagging got me out of bed more times than I could count last night.

I would come to find Hans sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor several times, throwing up while he had been attempting to get a glass of water. The stench that also wafted from him told me that he had a problem in other areas also.

We had a shower at 2 am and other cleanup sessions at other times of the night. He did really well when he was in his bed of keeping the throw up confined to the garbage can.

This morning proceeded with the normal breakfast prep. and then mid afternoon I was taking care of my nephew who has had a fever the past three days. He was protesting having to take a nap, Paul was hungry so I was frying grilled cheese in the frying pan. Hans was thirsty, drank a drink of water and promptly emptied the contents of his stomach on the kitchen floor and in the garbage can.

At least the kitchen floor is easy to wash! Most of the time I was concentrating on “No, Anthony, don't touch!!

Lee, don't throw all the magazines all over.

Why are you hitting your brother over the head with a piece of cardboard? He is sick

Don't both try to sit on mom at once!

Now, why are you screaming again?

Add to this, that for some reason I felt like I should volunteer to make a pot of soup for the church as they are taking part of Feeding the Flathead here in the valley and I wanted to help.

Oh well, chicken and rice soup is simple, right? We have to eat anyway!

So, if any of you live close by, stay away I guess, unless you take pity on me and want to relieve me of the 2 very energetic boys who think that making a mess of a already messy house is a grand thing to do when mom has not slept much!

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  1. gmisch

    I hope you had a better night last night, and a better day today. Thinking of you from sunny Alaska!

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