I think one reason  I tend to hate moving is I dislike the amount of stuff there is hidden in a house. In one way I dreading a large amount of space as I am afraid we will fill it up! Please someone with a large house, tell me it is possible to not fill it up? <p> I am packing some boxes right now and going through things as I go. The van is getting fuller of boxes to give away! That always makes me feel good if I can get rid of stuff!
<p> I think everyone is tired lately as  they all have the case of the grumpies. I finally got them to sleep earlier last night, but my it has been hard to get everyone to sleep. I end up busy and before I know it, it is already bedtime and I still have things to do. I think alot of it is because it is the end of winter and everyone is tired of being inside. We have been off our regular schedule with school and I think I am going to start that up again tomorrow, hopefully and maybe finish up what we can of school<p>
So, any great tips on getting ready to move in a way that is more organized. What about owning my first home?  How you keep the heating costs down in a house that is large? I was  wondering if it works to close vents in certain rooms you want cooler and leave the ones open you want warmer.  I am a cold person already and it the house is cold, I just feel like I cannot move or if it is too hot.<p>  
I am a little nervous as our mobile home has sold already and suddenly feel like again I am living in someone else’s house.  Well, and also the inspection on the house is tomorrow too! I have money to juggle, pay out, figure, keep track of and make sure we have enough of…..I was thinking maybe I should get a book to keep track of everything paid out for the house, so I can see where exactly it is going and where I am in my finances.  Hopefully, our tax return shows up when they said it should, so we can pay  the other things.   <p> Anyhow, enough boring rambling about house stuff! <p> Hopefully i will have more interesting things to talk about in the days ahead!

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  1. pbrfans1

    Yes, make sure you keep track of all that you spend on the house because it will be deducted from your closing costs at the end. The inspection and the FTHB class are the ones that I remember.

  2. dbfox97

    I feel your pain, we are moving soon too. My husband is getting a promotion starting this Wednesday and he will have to travel one way at least 3 hours. He even has stores that are 5 hours away. So we have to move quickly so he is not on the road so much. Thank God the company is paying for the gas. I too dread packing. We have got so much stuff, but my goal is t to get rid of 80% of it. I hope all things go well for you. God bless Delilah

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