I realized life has been too busy, but I actually have been slowing it down some. It does not make a lot of time for computer time still though.
I want to take a few pictures though!
Menu for this week:
Wednesday: Out of town…Shared Subway sandwich
Thursday: Sandwiches, apples and cheese
Friday: Scalloped Potatoes and ham, salad
Saturday: Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, green beans
Sunday: Leftovers
Monday: Swedish pancakes, raspberry filling and peaches
Tuesday: Mini meatloaves, baked potatoes, salad

It has been an adventure grocery shopping as my favorite grocery store is remodeling. I just hope they still have good deals after the remodel. One day, one thing is one place, and another day, it is somewhere else! I did catch a  mistake last night, that meant that one box of .50 cent hot chocolate almost cost me $7.99 instead!!! Thankfully we caught it!

P. is enjoying basketball and their team has won all the games so far…I am telling him to keep practicing, it is good exercise for him.

I got to spend some time holing little Ellina, her eyes were all big and dilated, so she was wide eyes staring at me….I love holding her so much!

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