We had a really nice weekend! It has been relaxing….. I got my office all nice and cleaned, my wonderful boys helped me and worked so hard! They are all feeling better with antibiotics and I am amazed at how  the sickness effected their moods!  They are all happy now and playing, working like normal again!
Here is cooking class for today!
Measuring and mixing

How many cups of oatmeal was that?
We are men and we will spread your dough!!!
We will also be goofy!
It is fun though!!!

Almost done!!!

They are ready for the oven and for us to gobble up!!!

We tried this new granola cookie bar recipe! They were different, but good! They had alot of oatmeal in them and not a terrible amount of sugar.  I am hoping they last at least two days!

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  1. Anonymous

    The granola looks yummy, but I'm impressed by how tidy everything is! My work area doesn't stay that clean even when I'm cooking all by myself, much less with kids helping! Or did you wipe down the table in between photos?

  2. recipefiend

    LOL! No, we did not….the kitchen was clean when he started, but he did a pretty good job of keeping things pretty clean. -Martha

  3. Lilyofthevalley4

    Looks like they had fun and did well. 🙂 Nice clean working space too!! Can you post your recipe too?? I would like to try and make up some granola bars for snacks around here.

    I think I could learn some tips from you. How do you keep your house looking so tidy??

  4. Anonymous

    There's an idea for you…a post titled "Martha's Cleaning Tips." I, too, have wondered how you manage to keep a tidy house on top of homeschooling. I often feel like I can't catch up, much less get ahead on the cleaning.

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