on Sunday when not only did  we fill the house with gas fume and have to leave for an hour or so, but then I almost lit the kitchen on fire too later that same day. Do you think I am not quite here all the way? I should be sleeping now, but I wake up with grand plans of how I want to organize and then look at the mess and feel so overwhelmed. There are boxes still in the basement that have not been unpacked as we need to figure out furniture and shelves, organizing and money we want to spend. I spent a bunch of money on school books, I bought WriteShop Primary for the boys, Easy grammar/Daily Grams, Handwriting without tears, Spelling Workout, Math U see, (except for P. who is BJU) and I have some fun history reading guidelines for books to read,  the only one I am not certain about it science and geography. Anyhow, I also got some fun schoolbooks to review so you will hearing about those too. Hopefully we can get it all done, I have to make up a functional lesson plan somehow. <p> So, grocery shopping was rushed this morning, we had a bunch of near incidents  and went to scrapbook and I was too wound up to relax to scrapbook. So, I drank some tea, ate some cookies and thought about all I had to do! <p> I figured though I had better write my menu plan up so I feed people……
Wed: Um, salad, leftover soup, hot dogs and some weird apple and peanut butter sandwiches
Thursday: Lemon chicken, broccoli, rice and cookies
Friday: Boys gone, except for T.and I, Vegetables probably and leftovers
Saturday: Birthday for my youngest son….Chicken, salad, cake
Sunday:  Rice pilaf with meat
Monday: Stir Fry and rice
Tuesday: A big pot of soup, bread, cookies<p> We are having alot of rice this week, but we have alot of rice! I have to bake a bunch of cookies tomorrow, so hopefully things go smooth!

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  1. loobylou1971

    Enjoyed reading your blog – I have added you to my friends list – hope thats ok – Lou

  2. drewsfamilytx

    Yikes! I'm glad that everything is safe and sound at your house.

    I know what you mean about plans and then getting overwhelmed! Sometimes I just run out of steam. But cookies… that sounds like just the right cure!

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