We have a fairly tight budget that we live on. It is not horrible, but I make it work. It is not usually easy and it would be much easier to spend three times the amount that I do!
However, I have a household with 5 males in it, which generally can eat a good deal.
This is my menu for the week.
I will add notes about how the week really has gone so far on the days that have past! I will add notes as the week goes on!
Wednesday: Sloppy  Joes, green salad, pasta salad- It ended up that my boys helped my sister move, and so instead, they had hamburgers over at my sisters house. We ate green salad and leftovers for dinner and late night snack, those of us that were here.
Thursday: Tacos, rice- We ended up having Sloppy Joes, which were planned from the night before, because we didn’t use the meat the night before, we made a large pan of sloppy Joes. I used ground deer meat that my son hunted this past fall, vegetable juice and spices to make it and served on a pack of $1 buns from the bread store. We ate it with cucumbers. They had ice cream for dessert and finished all the rest of the pan at 9 pm. ate all the buns and I think had the rest on bread.
Friday: Warm Cashew chicken salad –  So…I ended up finding out my bell peppers had gone bad and gotten used up, so I ended up combining tomorrow’s dinner and tonight’s and making a pot of soup for tomorrow.  I made a chicken, vegetable stir fry with cashews, mushrooms, broccoli, celery, carrots  with the wonderful sauce from the salad recipe.  We had it with rice and salad and sliced cucumbers.  We had potatoes to use up, so I made a big pot of chicken, vegetable, potato soup for tomorrow instead.
Saturday: Chicken/vegetable stir fry and rice- What happened today was that I made a big pot of soup yesterday from the potatoes that needed to be used up. We had some leftovers from last night as well that had not gotten eaten and the boys were gone all day. Two were working and two went to a fishing thing with their dad and they provided a free lunch and we have the soup available for dinner.
Sunday: Leftovers, popcorn, cookies- It was Father’s day and we ended up eating salad and pizza at the bowling alley that my BIL treated us to. We had leftovers later.
Monday: Crispy Won-ton and chicken salad, egg rolls- I was so looking forward to this salad and will still make it, but my sister had her baby and so I was over there for dinner and had jalapeño hamburgers that were delicious.
Tuesday: Pasta, salad, Cheesy breadsticks– Again, I was over at my sisters and we had roast, potatoes, carrots, and a big salad with garlic bread…
I want to make these this week….Peanut Butter and Chocolate granola bars andThe best snicker doodles
I made the snickerdoodles. They ended more crisp that chewy for some reason. I think next time I will cut down the sugar.

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