Mother’s day is one of those days where we are all honored to honor our mother’s.

We think of all the wonderful things she has done for us. But often, I think Mother’s day can be wrought with guilt.  Most good mother’s sit and think of all the things they can do to make their children’s lives better. When mother’s day rolls around we all sit and listen to everyone saying nice things about us, and we feel guilty, because we think of all the things we didn’t do that we should have done.

There are the times we have really messed up and we are reminded of those things. We seem to have selective memory as humans, to forget the great things and praise those more often than negative.  We all have memories that are painful in our lives. Some of us have more pain than others.

I think though sometimes we as we sit and wonder and think of how many things we could have done better, or even that we wish our parents, our mother’s had done better, do we give each other the benefit of the doubt? Do we give our children the benefit of the doubt that they might be just hurting right now and not really mean what they said? Do we as children let our parents be human?

On the other hand, when children say wonderful things about us, do we accept it and  love them even more?  Do we take what they said and learn how next year, to just do two more things that we wish we could do better?

It is painful to be without a mother, and those of us who have our mother’s nearby, give them a squeeze. Let them know that even though you know they are not perfect, you love them anyway. Tell them how much you appreciate the fact that she cares that she messes up, because that is one of the signs of being a great mom!


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  1. Liz

    It’s true, Mother’s day can be hard. Some people are mom’s, want to be mom’s, can’t become mom’s, have bad relationships with their moms, or good relationships with their moms. It can be a great day for some and a sad day for others. I have a 3 year old son and he makes me very happy on Mother’s Day. I also don’t have a close relationship with my mom so that makes me sad at the same time. It’s a bunch of mixed feelings, that’s for sure.

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