I have been a bit deliquent in my writing here! I have a good excuse though. My dear friend Bobbi has come for a visit this past week and is here until Friday. I am dreading her leaving!
Life has been a flurry! We started school and the boys are doing good, but they have had boundless energy! This morning I woke up to yells as a tickling contest was going on first thing! We had to do a few laps outside to calm down to eat breakfast!
I listened to the testimony of Eli Stahl the other day. That was really good! It really encouraged me to bring God the little things in prayer. He was just so full of the love of God it was amazing! For those of you who do not know who that is, Eli Stahl was a one of the young people in a community of Hutterites in RoundUp, MT that were converted to the Lord some years back. It is a wonderful story!
Lee is having speech therapy 2 times a week, he is having a hard time forming words the right way and coming up with the right vocabulary! He speaks constantly, but not always in understandable! That gives me one more thing to do every week, I guess, but at least she comes out to the house. It makes me keep the house cleaner!
Well, I need to go get to daily duties! I will be back with more writing later!
Oh, on Friday we drove up to Libby and saw my mom's new house she bought for a birth center. She is almost completed her midwife certifcation in MT, so she is pretty excited!

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