Wed: Chef Salad
Thursday: Roasted chicken, Potatoes and carrots
Friday: Chicken soup (in crockpot), bread
Saturday: Stir fry and rice
Sunday: Baked Potatoes, Salad
Monday:  Beef Stew,  Fantastic Whole wheat rolls from TEACH
Tuesday: Cheeseburger Soup (from TEACH ) Rolls<p> Grocery Shopping:<p>
Well, we were looking at more houses so grocery shopping was rushed and I still need to buy a few more things.  I actually have most of this as my sister gave me a bag of potatoes!  I will post the first part of my shopping trip and later amend it when I finish!  I got a bunch of coupons for next time too! $1 off Good Earth tea, free cake mix, $1.00 off cereal .75 of shampoo and $1.25 off Ziplock bags.
4 Post cereal (big boxes) $2.50 each, but I had $9 off in coupons off post cereal, so I got them for .25 cent each.
1 can pineapple .50
1 can extra large olives .50
1 big can pumpkin $1
1 can spaghetti sauce .50
2 boxes Mac and cheese .39 each
Baby wipes $1.09
2 bags Frozen curly fries (2 lbs each) $1 each
1 bag O’Brien hashbrowns with pepper and onion $1
PicSweet frozen Asian vegetables $1
2  Roma Tomatoes .52
2 pkgs lunch meat ham $1 each
1 pkg party cups .25
2 pkgs party napkins .25 each
Total: 12.66

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