Tuesday: Leftover night with a friend (it was alot of fun too! It was kind of like a buffet!)
Wednesday: Hot dogs, potatoes, salad
Thursday: Tacos with guacamole (A friend gave me a bunch of avocados that needed to be used!)
Friday: Scalloped potatoes in crockpot, salad
Saturday: Tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, carrot sticks
Sunday: Rhubarb Crisp,  Boiled potatoes with butter and peas
Monday- Chicken enchiladas, salad
Tuesday: Shepherds pie
<p> The boys have been playing in the mud and dirt alot so washing the floor every night seems to be a normal thing lately.  I have been really praying about a few things, at the conference we were really encouraged and i decided to make a change that we needed in order to spend more time together. I put away our DVD player and TV for the summer for sure, maybe longer, we will see. So far, it has had it frustrations, but mostly has been really great! I have noticed though a big difference in myself the most.
So, far we are taking one day at a time. I just noticed that they could spend alot more time getting into trouble because of this one item in our house, so a summer without it will be great!
I found out our new windows for our bedroom are coming next week, I just have to make sure that I have the money for them and the labor to put them in! Yikes! <p> Something neat that happened, i have been really wanting to buy a couple of books by Bob Shultz who wrote books about raising boys and have not been able to. I found one today for $5 at the homeschool book sale, then I went to the library and they had the other one for $1! Isn’t that neat?

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