Lucy Come Home
by Dave and Neta Jackson

Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko

Lucy from the book series Yada Yada House of Hope Series stars in this book. If you have read the Yada Yada books, you know that the characters in the different books are involved and have their own stories. This one goes into the background of why Lucy ended up in the place she was at as a homeless woman, with a love for dogs.

I honestly have not read a Dave and Neta Jackson book I have not liked, except for maybe one of their Trailblazer books for children. They are an excellent team and really help you feel the heart and soul of their book characters. I often wonder about the people whom inspired their books.

Lucy was a complicated character, and I felt so sad for her. I don’t want to give away anything about the story, but this young woman was dealt some very hard blows during the depression. Her family, working as harvesters, is barely surviving, when a little dog comes along. The comes with a friendship with the dogs owner and a experience with riding carnival rides, like she never experienced before. When she is put in an impossible situation, and knows that she has to run or be blamed for being in the wrong, she loses everything dear to her, except for her first love.

We get to see how Lucy Tucker the Bag lady who lives on the street, was a young woman, who lost everything in life, yet still maintained her love for others and animals throughout it all.

The only thing I wished about this book, was that there was more detail about her in the present! I highly recommend this book as well as the other books by these authors.

Book provided for review from Litfuse, the opinions are my own, and are done without payment.

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Lucy Come home

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  1. Espana

    This is a heartwarming and touching story of the life of one amazing woman, Lucy Tucker. As we reflect on the life she lived through, the authors take the reader to where it all began, in the 1940’s. Lucy left home as a teenager, wind up becoming a widow, then drifted to the streets as one of the homeless. This intriguing novel will tug at the heartstrings as we read more. There wasn’t much that Lucy didn’t witness, from migrant workers to homeless shelters. She knew all about people who worked in carnivals, the trials-and-tribulations of war, and the challenges and unsafe world of the homeless. An interesting and compelling read that has you hooked in the beginning.

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