I went grocery shopping this morning, and  at the first store discovered a whole bunch of toothpaste that was marked down  to .65 a tube for pretty good stuff, so we are now all stocked up on toothpaste and shampoo, I think for awhile.
I got done with the first store though and discovered my back tire was flat, and since I was near a gas station, I went right over and filled it up with air and spent almost an hour getting the tire fixed. It made my shopping trip long!!
A new grocery store opened, and it is weird as it is in the old Tidymans building and some things are the same, but some things so different, it was confusing!  They had a good price on whole chickens, butter and broccoli though so I wanted to check it out! They have a salad bar there! I love those, although it is probably so expensive I will never use it!  I was just telling someone the other day how when I learned how to ride a bike my mom told me if I rode it all by myself we would go to the Safeway salad bar and a bike ride. i was so excited and worked so hard to learn the bike, but remember the salad bar as that was my favorite thing even then!
Anyhow, with swimming lessons, I am trying to keep meals really simple…we will see how it goes.
Wednesday: Chicken nuggets, cucumbers
Thursday: Hamburgers, oven fried potatoes, salad
Friday: Hot dogs, noodle salad with carrot sticks
Saturday: Baked chicken in crock pot, noodles, steamed broccoli
Sunday: We may go to the church picnic
Monday: Green Chicken enchiladas, salad
Tuesday: Shredded beef sandwiches, carrots<p>
 In the end tonight, I fed the boys, they went to church and I ended up having a nice salad with my mom and sisters out to eat.  It was really nice! I also heard I finally got certified as a doula, so that is done with for awhile. I guess I can feel like I can actually promote myself now……<p>
I am going to have a five year old soon… I know I already have had three five year olds, but my youngest son is going to be five. That is really something for me that  I am not sure about. He still loves to cuddle with his mommy though, well, my older boys will too on occasion. They all love to take care of me very much! Tonight my oldest son cleaned the kitchen all clean for me, which was really nice to not have to do that and come up to all clean counters and sink. Anyhow, Sunday marks the day of five years ago when my son was born and I  was trying to figure out what life held for us.  I look back to then and now and see how even though I live within blocks of the same place, my life has completely changed. the circumstances have changed some, but I for sure think my outlook on life has changed alot too.  I have made some good friends,  some that were old friends that we renewed our friendship, so to speak.  We own a house and a big one is my husband is home with us, where as five years ago, he was in the hospital.  God is good!<p> It helps me to remember  this when I go through the tests and the trials to look back and see how I have been through this darkness before, life did not end, but God brought us through it with the pain bringing forth good things in my heart and life, even though it was really horrible.  <p>
So, with all the reading I am doing, it is good to keep me sane, if I write some stuff that does not make sense it may be because of a lack of sleep as sleep is not my friend these days. Books are wonderful and I look forward to  them and i hope that by some of the reviews you may want to read a couple I post about as well. We are discussing a novel right now in a online book club I am in right now about a young woman who had to pretend to be dead to save those she loved. It was a very different story, but high paced…. With my friend here were are reading a money saving book and a classic Anna Karina by Tolstoy, which I have yet to finish!  We get to sit together at swimming lessons, so we got to discuss it some.  Anyhow, I hope I can sleep a bit, so i will close this post with the thought that I pray you all. even with trials in your life, can press forward and not  give up, because yes, life can be horrible and people do horrible things, but we can move forward and thrive in the horrible things, without ignoring them.

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  1. Moriah

    I can't believe it's been five years since Fred was in the hospital. That was a really hard time and it's encouraging to see that sometimes time can make things better and things do work out.

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