if I only had two children! I am not sure I would know what to do with myself. It is funny, my older two boys and my husband have been out of town, and I sure have gotten a lot done. I have been staying busy! My sister has been here with me, family visiting, among other things. It is funny how some things are so much harder, and others are easier. I took them out to eat for one thing, it was so easy and cheap.

Also, they have been going to bed much easier, they make more messes though, and run out of things to do more. They talk to me all day long, which is nice, until my voice gets tired. I have been taking them to the park, on walks, we have made things together, they are easier to keep on a schedule. But, still, when I had all four boys on the weekend, it was still pretty easy.

I helped my mom go through her coat closet and clean out some books, we stocked the bookstore with bibles and lots of books. I hope people go and visit and find some treasures. There are some great books there. I finally organized it, and make it look nice. I hope it helps people to find more things they are looking for. Of course, this was after a long drive there. It is always neat to visit the store too, and get some food deals.  I mean, salad dressing for .25 a bottle, you can use it for marinade then and not feel bad!

Last Saturday was my sister’s baby celebration and memorial shower. It was bittersweet. She shared some things about Ellina’s birth and her pregnancy. One thing she shared was a story that she had heard at another funeral where people were asking why. The man said that the shepherds lead their sheep to lush green pastures to feed, but if they stay there too long, they get sick.It is hard to take them away from all the green grass though, so he picks up a lamb and puts it on his shoulders and then the mother and others start to follow. He said sometimes we get so content here on earth and we sort of forget there is something better and He leads us by taking a little ones to remind us there is something much better to look forward to.

I thought it was encouraging to remember that. We do have heaven to look forward to and seeing our loved ones again.

I cooked, cleaned and cooked and cleaned until I think my legs should have fallen off. I have more cleaning to do here at home, and we will see if I am going to get it done.

This month has been very cold for some reason, and my plants do not look well. They have been too wet. We will see if the warming trend will happen now. I had to use my heater the other day! That was going too far!

I am off to bed! My foot is throbbing as I ran into a bicycle, while late for VBS this morning. We were all on track for getting out the door on time, when my brain who has been on strike the last day or two, forgot where I put the keys. A frantic dash, a frantic prayer to God to help us find them and retracing my steps, I got them and they were only one minute late, but my poor foot is scraped and bruised as I thwacked it really hard!!!

A heating pad, warm blanket and some good spoons of calcium magnesium sounds like the ticket for me! Good night!

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  1. Angie

    Martha – such a sweet glimpse of your day – thanks for sharing!

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