I guess you could say. With my grandmother leaving, it really took alot more time than I realized. I have been able to stay home most of this past week! <p> We have been working on fall cleaning and so far have gotten some stuff done. <p>

  1. Rake Pine needles
  2. Clean out under sink
  3. Laundry room
  4. Boys room
  5. Clothes gone through
  6. Office Cleaned- in progress
  7. Toys gone through
  8. Things moved to shed- mostly done, except my closet

<p> It feels good to get some of this stuff done as it  will be easier to keep things clean later. I  got a large garbage bag full of clothes to get rid of and I know there is more. I packed away schoolbooks that are for next year to put outside in the shed to leave some room on the shelf for other things to be organized and less to get scattered on the floor. Of course, in the midst of cleaning, my youngest dumped out the garbage can, used a meat hammer to pound chocolate into a chair,  as well as many other numerous things. It is hard to devote your entire attention to  three things at once. <p> Also, we have been having trouble with figuring out medical costs and i have been filling out paperwork after paperwork. It is not alot
of fun for me, I know some people enjoy filling out paperwork, but I seem to have enough  of it!  I am getting better at it though! The problem is everyone wants the same things at once.  I end up with missing paystubs that SS never mailed back etc. or throwing away the one bill I needed to save! <p> We had another really cheap dinner last night!  It was homemade macaroni and cheese with tomatoes and zucchini from our garden. It got pretty cold here, so yesterday we picked all the baby zucchini and green and red tomatoes to ripen inside.  I cooked the zucchini for dinner and they were really good! The  cheese sauce  cost a little over $1 as I used powdered milk  and some cheese I got cheaply, pasta was .50 for a pound. They will eat leftovers for lunch! <p> One funny thing yesterday, in my office I have a file drawers in my closet, there is a 8 in. gap or so between the door frame and there was a box I needed to get out. I  found that i actually could fit into the closet through the gap, but could not get back out with the box. It was kind of like the monkey with his hand in the jar situation! It looked a little funny as I ended up sort of stuck in there, until my sister came to help me out! <p> So, life is slowing down, we are working on school, although I am not pushing my 5 year old very much. Is that really bad? I feel a little guilty when I hear about all the work these other 5 year olds are doing, but I sort think it is better for him to wait!! What do you think?

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  1. Anonymous

    martha, ill try to keep lunch in mind. that would be fun.
    love to hear you book ideas. the only way i could ever do such a thing is with the help of some really educated teacher friend types who would do some serious editing to my product. smile. but its still worth a try. im gonna try it some day. i like what you said about that. i do have years to tackle all these goals. thats encouraging.

  2. drewsfamilytx

    Wow, you really did get a lot done!

    As to your 5yo, just read together and maybe practice writing the alphabet. Low-key and simple is the best way to go! It's amazing what they can pick up just from listening, playing games and exploring the world around them. I'm sure your 5yo knows A LOT more than you realize.

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