will change once again. The news hit our house hard that our local Borders store would be closing. As a faithful customer of this store, many people in our small town have been effected. Yes, there is another bookstore, a nice used bookstore, which we also frequent, but sometimes it is fun to go to the bigger store and browse. I love to sit and talk to people about books as you generally find other book lovers there as well.


I understand that online bookstores have effected our business, and I know this as I receive book packages in the mail almost daily. Most of them are for book reviews, but I do buy a good deal of books as well. I find it sad that they could not make a go of it!

Life goes on though, I am sure….we will find something else to replace it. Hopefully another coffee shop and bookstore.

Our Menus have been scattered, but here is the menu for this week.

Wednesday: Pizza, cabbage salad

Thursday: Pasta with chicken, salad

Friday: Pancakes, peaches and cantaloupe

Saturday: Soup, bread, Dark Chocolate Cherry dessert

Sunday: Leftovers, ice cream, popcorn

Monday: BBQ chicken thighs, potato salad, carrot sticks

Tuesday: Black beans and rice, avocado salsa

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  1. Kirsji

    As a book lover, I always find it sad when bookstores close. Nothing beats walking into a bookstore and smelling all that wonderful paper! ๐Ÿ™‚ Used bookstores are great too, but they have a different scent.

    I’ll be at your house for dinner on Sunday, OK? I love ice cream and popcorn! haha!

  2. Patti Lacy

    Martha, you captured my feelings! Love Kirsji’s comment about the “aroma” of different bookstores…
    It’s been great being FB friends.

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