I am reading this series of books by Angela Hunt right now. It is the story of Joseph told, of course, in story form.

I have been really drawn to the life of Joseph lately, I do not really know why, but I think because I was noticing the long time periods between the promises and the fulfillment of the promises.

These books are very interesting, but they certainly add alot to the story that I am not sure happened or not. I read the second one entirely in the hour and half it took the brakes to get changed. The third one sort of is more about Joseph's son rather than him.

I am reminded in this story though (the bible one) to stay faithful even in impossible circumstances. It looks like God has let you go, allowed evil to pursue you, and yet in all of it He still was going to do what He wanted to in the end if you were faithful through it all.

I wonder if Joseph would have been just a spoiled brat if he had not been sold and gone through hardship? I assume he must have been well mannered though and a hard worker to be able to acheive all he did as a slave.

It reminds me that in all our trials, I need to remain faithful even in the darkest hours.

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