You might be tired of all the food talk, but I sort of want to remember how I did these things so when I want to make it again, I remember!! So, you will just have to put up with it! Last night I made a curried rice skillet. It was a hit! The boys loved it! I added a bit of fine noodles to it also.

Skillet rice dishes- It usually takes about 30 min. for this.

In a cast iron pan heat a little oil, add 1. 5 mugs of rice, 2-3 garlic cloves in the garlic press, and cook until lightly browned.

Add 3.25 mugs of water and 2 t chicken boullion or chicken broth. Depending on what kind of rice dish you are making, depends on the seasoning.

Spanish rice- add 2 t. cumin and 2 T. tomato paste

Broccoli- part of a bag of chopped frozen broccoli and pepper

Curried- 1 t. curry powder and 1 t greek seasoning

Top with 2 chicken breasts raw sliced into small pieces. Simmer for 25 min or until tender and liquid absorbed.

I added some pepper I think too, it was good and fed not only us (6 people), but also my 2 nieces and my sisters fiance with a little bit of leftovers. It made alot of rice.

If you haven't figured it out, my cast iron pan is pretty big! I have to use a baking sheet for the lid!

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  1. gmisch

    What size is your pan, Martha? Dh really wants me to find a bigger one, but all I seem to see are 12″ skillets. I also have a dutch oven, but it is just deeper.

  2. jesusismyjoy

    Sounds yummy Martha! I may try it!
    I think my cast iron skillet is 15 inches, I got it at Walmart (where else LOL)
    I always used pizza pans for my lids. *wink*
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Martha

    I have three different sizes, like a 6-8″, 12″ I think and like a 15″. I got all of mine passed down to me and they are old! They are great pans! I have found them at used stores sometimes, look at Estate sales sometimes.

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