Larkspur Cove

By Lisa Wingate
Reviewed by Martha Artyomenko

Andrea is at the tail end of one of the worst years of her life. She is now a single mom of a teenager, trying to recover her life and make a new life in the small town of Moses Lake, TX.  She has taken a job no one else wanted, a job as a counselor for CPS (Child Protective Services) and is trying to juggle her mothering as a single parent to a teenage son and her job.
Game Warden Mart McClendon is there for a different reason. He is trying to forget a tragedy he cannot forgive himself for. The loss of his brother deeply pains him, and while his mother says he is still heartbroken over a lost romance with a student teacher, he knows it is for other reasons.
A little mysterious girl is seen with the town recluse and these two are brought together to try to help the little girl and discover her orgins as well as try to keep  Andrea’s son, Dustin out of trouble. Can it lead to a healing for the both of them?
This story was different than many I have read recently, but held poignant touches of reality. Many people in our society see social workers and CPS workers as the enemy and this book sort showed one of the good ones at work. I liked that!  It held touches of romance in the time of healing, but also redemption and healing of their faith in both of them. The uneasy relationship with her parents throughout the book was an interesting touch, as her parents obviously loved her, but she did not know how to handle it and seemed to run away from it all the time. I found that interesting considering she was a trained counselor. Overall, this was an enjoyable book! It was one that will make you stop and think a bit, but was happy enough to not send you down in the dumps! One of the perfect combinations! -Martha
This book was provided by Bethany House Publishers for review. I was not paid or reimbursed for my review and it is altogether my own.

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