since I have posted much besides book reviews and meal plans. Although that seems like what my life has been consisting of….seriously, I do do other things!

This weekend I have my two nieces staying here….their mom is in Costa Rica. It is nice to have some girls around. We tried this chocolate covered popcorn tonight that was really good! It had golden raisins and walnuts in it with chocolate covered popcorn. It was addicting! All you did was melt some semi sweet chocolate chips and pour it over the popcorn and whatever add-ins you wanted. I added a little shortening to thin it….then stir, spread out and I sprinkled with a coarse sea salt and sprinkles. I set it in the freezer for awhile and good snack for late night munchies….really easy too!
The coarse salt was a great touch!

School has gone good this week, it was a rough start like always, but the rest of the week went good. I am working on a schedule for P. who is the tough one and we are working through our ECC (My Father’s World). Amazedly, I think we will be done in time! H. has not quite accomplished all I wanted for math this year, but he is learning his times tables and learning them really good, so hopefully division will be easier. L. is doing well too….he is picking up books and reading them! they are short books, but just the fact he is trying and is working through it gives me hope. I am so glad for special tutoring. It is so worth the extra work! T. is still a stinker sometimes, of course, but we working on some hard things and he is doing better than any of the other three at this age, so that is saying something! We had a couple of power struggles this week, but it was good as we worked through stuff.

Bedtime has been amazing! I read them a story, they go to bed and sleep. What is with that? All these years and it was so simple….well, at least with these two. Plus, we are getting more read alouds read…I make the stories go along with our history from our book basket for school and it helps me time wise as well. We discussed the Muslim religion and prayed for them as well at bedtime the other night. We also finished George Mueller. Okay, I know for some of you…that is not a big accomplishment, but I have come so far. I only read to myself, I read fast and reading aloud bores me. It is way too slow! I forced myself to read aloud and completed a whole chapter book reading to my boys….plus I realized that we have almost read an entire science book aloud as well as a couple others. I am proud of myself! (Is that bad?)

P. was forced to take a writing class and I think he will not admit it out loud, but he actually enjoyed it a bit. He had to write short stories and he loves to use his imagination. He had to read them to his friends and they liked them! I think that made it fun for him! He is so smart, but he uses his brains to try to avoid work instead of embracing it….but he is working on it. We looked through a catalog tonight and he got kind of excited about some of the schoolbooks…first time that has happened!

I know…lots about school, but that is kind of my life’s happenings right now.
I am also trying to get more exercise. We bought a treadmill and it makes it easier, a little boring, but easier. I try to do 10-15 minutes on there…and then some extra exercises for another 10 min. or so. It is not long, but good for me. I actually would kind of like to try kick boxing, but am too embarrassed to try a class. The boys think the treadmill is a great toy and love to run on it. It has helped with some sleeping issues here. F. and the two older boys are getting a membership to the gym, so they will be going twice a week there too….should be good for them.

I keep thinking about writing a story….I know I am not that good of a writer, but I have all these stories in my head that are stuck there. I got to write them down. Who knows if I will ever share them!

So, this is my life….I will head to bed now and attempt to sleep. It is always a bit of a battle…but I am winning! Good night all!

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  1. Susanna

    Martha, I think you should make the time to write down those stories, and find a friend to take kickboxing classes with. :)

    How’s that for adding my two cents?! :)

  2. Robin (delightx8)

    Martha, looks like you are doing a great job to me. One of the neat things about doing read-alouds before bed is that they drift off to sleep thinking about the things you’ve just read to them.
    I still do read-alouds and/or audio books in the evenings with my high schoolers. They work on a jigsaw puzzle, color in their history related coloring books, etc while they listen. Our favorite are the Henty books on audio – read by Jim Weiss. They suck us all in, including dh.

    I am also impressed with how you are letting/helping them to get more exercise in. That must really help them to buckle down and concentrate when necessary.

  3. JenK

    I find it hard to read aloud too! I find myself yawining a lot. :( I’m another speed reader and well. . . . . .

  4. Lilyofthevalley

    That is good you are getting on the treadmill! i find it so boring, but i try and do 2 miles alomst everyday. Must be fun having your nieces around. :)

    Was fun to read what you ahve been up too!

  5. hsmominmo

    What an encouraging post! You have made some huge victories – your effort, commitment, prayer, and love are paying off – God is blessing your family.
    Grab a notebook and start writing! It’ll clear the brain, and, just like the exercise helps the boys sleep better at night, it’ll help you sleep better. Just jotting your random thoughts down is a great thing – you can rework them later if you wish. My guess is one day, someone will enjoy reading them. You say your son has enjoyed and profited from his writing class — talent there, eh? just like his mother, maybe?
    I still read aloud even to my teenagers, anyone who is home at lunch time sits around the table and listens to mom while they eat. Bigs and Littles, we all enjoy it.

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