We hear sometimes stories from people when you work around people who work in hospitals about how  the hospital saved their life, they could never have had a home birth because of the horrible things that happened. I don’t know this lady, I have no idea if the story is true, but I found it interesting. <p>
Is Pitocin Safe?<p>
I  have heard one woman who said that they would rather be induced or have a c-section than risk taking a herbal formula, that strengthens your uterus before birth.  I think though often when women try natural induction because they are tired of being pregnant, or not even due yet, they  can do things that they would never do otherwise. <p> I can understand when you are overdue and you really want your  baby to just please come out, but  I read a statistic the other day that 80% of births are induced. I think it was 75% of those inductions are c-sections.  In this article it was talking about the higher rate of  complications resulting from this. The problem is although c-sections, inductions etc. were made to save lives, they are being used  for convenience now.  <p> Then there are some doctors that still use Cytotech, which is really, really dangerous. I cannot believe they use it still at all!  Here is an interesting article from Mothering magazine
Dangers of Cyototech<p> Here is an interesting list of side effects from Pitocin.  The same link has  warnings etc, that you may want to read if you take this. This is not from a natural site, this is  pharmacy site. <p> I understand how some people can have bad things happen from taking herbal formula’s, but to say they would rather be induced because it is safer, is not always true. The only reason it is safer is because they are administering something dangerous  under monitoring.  Herbs can be very dangerous as well. They need to be monitored also, not just given, willy-nilly. But I think that many times people do not research the  commonly used drugs given them during labor and delivery and  if you are going to listen to any of the  stories of grief, listen to both. <p>
I did take some herbs before I had  all four of my babies,  it did  make my uterus strong, help me not to bleed alot, but I did not take enough to induce labor.  The only way it would have helped was irritate the uterus enough to start producing contractions on their own.  If you would like to read my birth stories they are here Birth Stories

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  1. cappuccinosmom

    You are so right! As much as I hated being 42 weeks pregnant (and castor oil did *not* do anything for me!), I think the risks of induction leading to complications and c-section are far higher than the risk of any damage to me or the baby going so "late".

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